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March, 2020
Felony Threats of Violence and Misdemeanor DWI
Felony charge dismissed, DWI dismissed, plea bargain to lesser charge with 1 year probation, no jail time.
March, 2020
Gross Misdemeanor DWI
All charges dismissed
February, 2020
Solicitation of prostitution
No charges filed
February, 2020
Misdemeanor domestic assault
Misdemeanor domestic assault charges dismissed, plea bargain to lesser charge with unsupervised probation, no jail time

About Luke

Attorney Luke Neuville has dedicated his career to defending the rights of accused individuals in and out of court. Neuville Law Office focuses exclusively on criminal defense cases and will give your case the individual attention it deserves to get you the best outcome possible. Luke is committed to building personal relationships with every one of his clients throughout the legal process, so you’ll always know the best options available to you.

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